Kayak Buyers Guide

Your answers to these questions will assist us in helping you select the model from the Hobie kayak range that best suits your needs. You can discuss your answers in person with one of our experienced Hobie experts either over the phone or in store. 

We even offer a free Hobie kayak test drive so you can put the potential models though there paces. 

Fill out the form below and send it to us using the submit button at the bottom. We will get in touch with a list of kayaks that will suit your needs and arrange a test drive for you at your convenience.

Have you owned a kayak before?
What do you wish to use the kayak for?
If you ticked fishing, how important is standing and casting?
What type of kayak are you interested in?
Would you like a single or a tandem?
If a tandem, do you wish to use it as a single also?
What carrying capacity will you require from your kayak?
What is the height of the persons using the kayak?
What areas would you like to use your kayak?
What distances would you like to travel?
How long would you like to spend in your kayak?
Where would you like to launch your kayak?
How will you transport your kayak(s)?
Do you have roof racks?
If Yes, what is the load capacity
Will you be loading your kayak on your own?

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