Hobie Passport 10.5 In-Store June 2019

27 Apr 2019

As we enter winter, it is damn cold but the exciting part is always the introduction of new products.

Last year was the release of the improved Outback for 2019 (What a fishing machine!) and the Compass Duo, a tandem recreational/fishing kayak.

This year, Hobie have released the Passport 10.5. A recreational/fishing pedal driven kayak for under $2000. Is it 2019 or 2001 when the Outback was released. I think that was what I paid for my first Outback back in the early 2000's.

So lets do a run down of what we can expect.

Proven Hobie Classic MirageDrive will glide you through your adventures and remember you have an experienced Australian Wide Dealer Network to support you on your trips around the country.

A 10'5" (3.2 m) kayak with a very stable width of 34" (86 cm). Lightweight with a fitted hull of under 30 kg for ease of loading onto roof racks. Also, the hull design enables you two stack the kayaks on top of each other.

Hobie Passport In-Store Now

A suspended aluminium mesh seat to ensure a comfortable and dry ride.

Hobie Passport in-Store Now

A generous carrying capacity of 147 kg complete with Bungee covered front and rear on-deck cargo areas and an 8' hatch forward of the seat.

Hobie Passport In-Store Now

For fishing, the Passport has two rear rod storage and port and starboard tracks to customize your fishing accessories. So many of the already proven accessories from Hobie, Ram, Yakattack and RailBlaza such as carts, rod holders, camera mounts, storage systems, safety gear and sounder mounts will suit your new Hobie Passport.

Hobie Passport In-Store Now

Covered by Hobie's 2 year Manufacturers Warranty Against  Defect, why look at the second hand market when you can get on the water in a new peddle drive kayak for under $2000.

To see if the Passport 10.5 is right for you, fill out and submit our Kayak Buyers Guide.

Due in-store early June 2019, call David to pre-order or to book a test drive.

Click the link below to view specifications.

Hobie Passport In-Store Now